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Let Jackdaw open digital doorways for you and watch your business grow.


I’ve been building websites since 2000 when I designed websites on a Dell Latitude laptop promoting wildlife conservation projects in the Amazonian rainforests of Peru.

I literally built offline in remote jungle lodges, then took the day’s journey by boat to the nearest town and internet cafe to upload changes. If I worked my magic right – the internet was working.

I’ve a long history with promoting environmental projects, and have even been known to appear in the press showcasing biodiversity projects or wildlife moments… back in my corporate days.

Time travel to 2021 and I work with start-ups, game changers, and entrepreneurs all over the world committed to making the world a better place.

I’m dedicated to helping your business thrive by working my magic with digital strategy and I get really fired up helping other web designers grow their own freelance businesses with digital strategy sessions and ongoing mentorship.

In the online world – there are no limits. As an experienced digital strategist let me be your guide to help your business thrive.


Adela Mei, owner and creative director of Jackdaw Digital, has been a professional digital strategist and web designer for nearly a decade.

She believes that business can, and should, be used as a force for good, and have a positive impact on society and the environment.

Since 2000 she’s built websites, promoted wildlife conservation, and produced content for the press. She’s even appeared in the tabloids covered in seaweed to promote environmental issues.

Adela’s work has supported numerous wildlife projects, including sea turtle conservation in Guatemala. This was her favourite project along with working with crocodiles (true story).

When not strategising, Adela likes drinking coffee. And when not drinking coffee, she enjoys breeding pedigree maine coons (yes – posh cats. The really big ones). She also likes eating cheese, with bread and wine, as religiously taught by the French side of her family.

Adela now lives in the rural Southwest of England, leaving her London city life behind her.

Digital strategist and web designer
Adela Mei Jackdaw Digital Strategy and Web Design

When it comes to seeing the bigger picture – the whole scope of a project – this is where you shine.

You are keenly aware of where your clients will succeed and where they could stumble. While it may be difficult to have discussions around the latter, your honesty about these things will go a long way.

Your clients (the good ones) will trust you and recognize that you’re only trying to help them succeed. So be sure to use that visionary skill you have!!

Katie Robleski


Digital strategy is key for growing your business


In this podcast on The Josh Hall Web Design Show we explore why digital strategy is key to growing your business.

1. What is digital strategy?
2. Examples of digital strategy
3. Why is digital strategy important?
4. Deep listening and digital strategy
5. Gain clarity with digital strategy
6. Strategy is choosing what not to do
7. Digital consultancy versus agency
8. Don’t compare yourself to others
9. Connection and intuition in digital strategy
10. Focus on delivering value
11. Dig deep and make an impact
12. Attract clients by peer networking


Tips for starting a freelance web design business


In this podcast with Josh Hall we talk about how I grew my freelance web design business.

We dive into 5 top tips that have helped me grow my business along with getting into a wide ranging conversation involving copywriting, marketing, the power of community, benefits of premium vs free content and so much more.

Here’s a quick summary of my 5 tips:

  1. Community – Talk and share with others & give back.
  2. Marketing – Learn marketing skills. Permission marketing & develop empathy for your clients.
  3. Gratitude – Focus on positive mental attitude and being of service not just making money.
  4. Invest in yourself – Free content is like finding a bunch of bread crumbs whereas a full course or premium training is like the full meal.
  5. Learn to say NO! – Free yourself up for the “yes” and good, prioritized opportunites.
Adela Mei Jackdaw Digital Strategy and Web Design

Adela is knowledgeable in her field, passionate about helping business owners, and has a gift for straight talking. This is absolutely something that I really value.

She wasn’t shy in telling me where I needed to improve, and was very clear when giving me the steps of advice for improvement and I think this is something I particularly valued about working with Adela.

We had a superb strategy session, it went a bit over the time frame as she is so easy to talk to but she kept things on track, gave me such valuable insights from a skilled eye and has given me an actionable list of things I am going to apply to my business right away!

Thanks Adela, I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs a strategy to boost online presence and reach their goals, with some honest, solid, strategic advice for moving forward.

Leo Rees-Evans, Web Designer