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about me

I’m the strategist that brings a touch of magic to help your business thrive.

Conscious Business

I’ve been building websites since 2000 when I designed websites on a Dell Latitude laptop promoting wildlife conservation projects in the Amazonian rainforests of Peru. I literally built offline in remote jungle lodges, then took the day’s journey by boat to the nearest town and internet cafe to upload changes! If I worked my magic right – the internet was working.

I’ve a long history with promoting environmental projects, and have even been known to appear in the press showcasing biodiversity projects or wildlife moments… back in my corporate days.

The Magic of Strategy

Time travel to 2020 and I work with conservationists, experts in their specialist fields, game changers, and entrepreneurs all over the world committed to making the world a better place.

I’m dedicated to helping your business thrive by working my magic with digital strategy. And I get really fired up helping other web designers grow their own freelance businesses with digital coaching sessions and mentorship.

In the online world – there are no limits! As a digital native let me be your guide to make magic happen in your business.

Adela Mei Jackdaw Digital Strategy and Web Design
katie robleski

“You bring a lot of depth, compassion, and spirituality to the table, which is hard to find in the business world. This allows you to be a lot more empathetic – to see a problem through the eyes of both your client and their own clients and customers” – Katie Robleski, Brand Strategist

What Do I Offer?

My Services

Are you looking for a digital strategy that connects your audience with your brand? Let me guide you through the digital jungle, and help you communicate with your audience. We’ll create a roadmap that will give your brand a lift and your business a heartfelt boost!

Digital Strategy

Helping your business thrive with honest insights, and intuitive strategy. Gain focus and clarity with your business strategy and digital journey.

Web Design

Need a beautiful and functional website with user experience in mind? Your customers will love visiting your website – ever wondered what UX means? That’s it!

Content Marketing

Dreaming of great content for your social media, and email marketing? I’ll help build your brand story to captivate your customers and inspire them about your brand.

Tips For Starting a Freelance Web Design Business

bourne media

“Adela’s greatest hidden strength is an ability to combine her sense of wonder within all aspects of her work” – David Bourne, Film Producer

conscious business


I love to work with conscious businesses and projects that help save the planet or protect the environment. An eco-warrior who does battle in the digital world.

Adela Mei Design Brand Strategy and Web Design in Devon UK
Adela Mei Design Brand Strategy and Web Design in Devon UK
Adela Mei Design Brand Strategy and Web Design in Devon UK