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Are you a business owner looking for marketing consultant? Looking for someone who can offer tailored support for your business? My experience as a digital strategist brings a touch of magic to help your business thrive.

Do you have a restless desire to do remarkable work?

Adela Mei Jackdaw Digital Strategy and Web Design

Working with Adela, I not only got a new — and greatly improved! — website and a saner, more sensible online strategy, but thru the process, I also got a better understanding of my business and my niche, who I am and how I can best serve my clients.

Less than 6 months later, business is bumping, my calendar is full, and I love the work I’m doing! I can’t imagine having gotten here without her help!

And, she made the process manageable and our calls were always a hoot!

If you’re ready to ‘next level’ your business’s online presence, and -like me- you don’t know where to begin, do yourself a favor and contact Adela!

Golder Goldstein, North Carolina, US

Adela is knowledgeable in her field, passionate about helping business owners and has a gift for ‘making the incision quickly to get to the wound’. She wasn’t shy in telling me where I needed to improve, and was very clear when giving me the steps of advice for improvement and I think this is something I particularly valued about working with Adela.

We had a superb strategy session, it went a bit over the time frame as she is so easy to talk to but she kept things on track, gave me such valuable insights from a skilled eye and has given me an actionable list of things I am going to apply to my business right away!

Thanks Adela, highly recommend her services to anyone who needs a strategy to boost online presence and reach their goals, with some honest, solid, strategic advice for moving forward.

Leo Rees-Evans, Scotland

Adela Mei Jackdaw Digital Strategy and Web Design

I was so lucky to work with Adela, I am new to web design, strategy, and branding I was facing analysis paralysis, as I had been researching and watching so much information, I could not work out how I would implement it all, with integrity to what I do.

Speaking with Adela was the best thing I could have done, I need to thank Adela a thousand times, she is so knowledgeable on running businesses as well as web design all branding, website, and strategy, but she is so relatable, and really listened, what came out was that she is so generous with her knowledge and had so much perception and insight, we were able to flesh out, appropriate branding, but most importantly how to concentrate efforts on the right platforms for me to work with integrity and intention.

So awesome! Thank you so much for your insights I feel way more confident now.

Rebecca Jones, melbourne, Australia

Adela helped me to focus on the most established and higher-end client base that delivers the best financial outcome and also ringfences the marketing efforts to one type of consumer. This has helped me to focus my ‘to do’ list and given me some clear rules about where NOT to go with product development and pricing. Still a lot of thinking needed my side particularly on taking the leap to invest funds in web and photography.

Adela brought clarity to my business strategy – if you need someone to cut through the noise Adela is the one for the job. Her style is direct and honest. She challenges the status quo to help you find the best way to move forward towards what you want to achieve.

She gave advice on wider issues than just the website including brand strategy. I would recommend digital strategy sessions with Adela – it was just what I needed to get going in a more focused way.

Ellie Verrecchia, Devon, UK

Adela Mei Jackdaw Digital Strategy and Web Design