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I love to work with conscious businesses and projects that help save the planet or protect the environment. An eco-warrior who does battle in the digital marketing arena.

Indigo Expeditions - Web Design & Content Marketing

Location: Somerset, UK

Indigo Expeditions is a conservation research and nature tour company working in Guatemala. Their mission is to promote the conservation of reptile and amphibian biodiversity.

We’re working together to raise awareness of the endangered spikethumb frog, rediscovered by an Indigo Field Team in the Highlands of Alta Verapaz.

Adela Mei Design Brand Strategy and Web Design in Devon UK
Adela Mei Design Brand Strategy and Web Design in Devon UK

Estación Biológica el Banco - Brand Identity & Web Design

Location: Santa Rosa, Guatemala

Estación Biológica el Banco is the leading sea turtle research station on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala. The community of el Banco have been protecting olive ridley sea turtles for over 25 years.

We’re working together to build their international brand presence, and launch fundraising campaigns to save endangered sea turtles.

Golder Goldstein - Brand Identity & Web Design

Location: Ashville, NC

Golder is a human potential coach based in Nashville, North Carolina. He lives, works and serves aligned with his values and sense of purpose, and helps other entrepreneurs and service minded people do the same.

We’re working together on website design and building an online brand identity, in alignment with his multi-passionate nature.

Adela Mei Design Brand Strategy and Web Design in Devon UK
Adela Mei Design Brand Strategy and Web Design in Devon UK

Fundaselva - Brand Identity & Web Design

Location: Guatemala City

Asociación Fundaselva de Guatemala is a non-profit organisation founded in 1987. Protecting the environment for sustainable development in Guatemala and improving the quality of life for present and future generations is at the heart of their mission.

We’re working together on building an international presence to promote their charitable work throughout Guatemala, and growing a Social Media audience to raise awareness of the causes they support.

conscious business

past projects

Jen Rose - Web Design

Location: Chicago

Jen Rose is a mindset and fitness coach based in Chaicage.

We worked together on the redesign of her website and developed a digital strategy to help her business thrive online and grow an instagram following.

Adela Mei Design Brand Strategy and Web Design in Devon UK
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“To establish your own voice, and especially if you’re good with words or have great ideas that you want to put out there…I mean there are no new ideas, but to put your own twist on the old ideas makes you stand out so much more than people who are circulating that same quote” – Laura Belgray, Copywriter

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